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Praise and Compliment


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I'm still trying to figure out the ins and outs of the forum. Please forgive me if I started this topic out of place. 

I just wanted to say that this site is the most interactive, well managed, and cared for site of it's kind that I have ever played at. It actively adapts and improves. A tribute to its staff, no doubt. Most sites design a program and just let it be, collecting its profits and redistributing just enough to peak interest, and it shows. Not BC. There is an interactive, rewarding, community, aspect to it. There is reason to come back here. Almost like that one captivating tv show or video game that has your mind on it rather than what its supposed to be....work maybe...lol. This site isnt just in it to make profit. This is abuntantly clear just looking at the VIP rewards. Even if I lose out the ass, which is more my fault than any other, I still find myself logging back on minutes later. You can be an ass like some of the people in chat are at times and call it addiction. I say, nope, addiction has come to be known as bad. Now what's bad about a site that gives you the means to have fun, no deposit required, gives away coin like they were at a strip bar, and encourages the lucky to share it. In which they do. Hell, shit talkers even have a public outlet to share their bs on site. 

In short, great job bc! My recommendations to you guys is to just keep your course, it's perfect. Sorry so long, but I'm at work. Who works??? Lol


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