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Script (crash): How to no bet/skip for a given turn?


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Hello there,

I'm trying to figure out if it's possible to define in the script of crash game a way to "not bet/skip" for a given turn, based on condition.

Looking quickly at the API help, it seems only possible to stop the engine and hence the script. If I tried to bet a null amount it's obvisouly a non valid input.

If you know how to skip a run by script and you could share it, it would be much appreciated !

Thanks !

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You need to put your engine.bet() line inside some sort of conditional statement like

if(play) {
 engine.bet(currentBet, currentMultiplier)
 play = 0;
} else {
 log.info('Not playing');

Then inside your GAME_ENDED function you will do whatever calculations you do and set play to 1 if you want to play the next round or set it to 0 if you don't.

if (conditionsToPlay) {
 play = 1;


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using the newer version of the scripts that uses a delegate instead of game ended


game.onBet = function () {

        // if we are set to skip rounds then do so.
        if (numberOfRoundsToSkip > 0) {
            numberOfRoundsToSkip -= 1;
            log.info('Skipping round to relax, and the next ' + numberOfRoundsToSkip + ' rounds.');
        } else {
                if(totalNumberOfGames == 0)
                    // this is so we account for the first round.
                    currentBet = GetNewBaseBet();

            log.info('Placed bet for the amount of ' + currentBet);
            game.bet(currentBet, config.payout.value).then(function (payout) {
                //handle your results here


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